Thursday, 18 August 2011

African Music On SA Radio

For the past couple of years African pop music has really took our continent by storm.

South African music is a norm in many African countries and my question is, why don't we hear African music on our local radio stations?

One has to be really ignorant not to know the following: D'Banj, P Square and Fally Ipupa. These artists have major air play on television and they have won numerous awards, yet they are not popular in South Africa. We need to start supporting each other as Africans.

We want to hear at least 70% of our local and African music on radio before we entertain the west.
One of the contributing factors of less African music on radio is the discrimination we have on our fellow africans and that needs to stop.

Radio is immensely influential to growing and changing people's minds just like television. So it's high time we use these platforms to educate each other.

The radio station and programme managers can only do this as a request from the listeners and therefore we need to act on this.

We demand to hear African music on radio!