Monday, 14 March 2011


Care free people have been around forever yet it seems like one is considered a rebel by simply living their life freely. Regardless of your age or race, we have all been taught the way of life: school, varsity, marriage and children, some prefer to juggle the order around. I'm not a religious person but I doubt there is a scripture in the bible that supports the above philosophy. The majority of us don't live on our terms but those of others, what society perceives to be the norm, which needs to change. We owe society nothing; the formula to life is happiness.

If one is happy with their designed life, by all means continue living. But if you are a free spirit and you live life in your own terms, do so without any regrets. Living for your parents or anyone will only bring sorrow into life. No human is born with a manual book, life doesn't have a manual. The only way to learn is by asking and observing #correctme

We are moving to an era where people don't want to play by the book but by their surroundings, their beliefs and people kept around them. Always remember, you came here alone and you will die alone. So make sure your happiness comes first.

Travel, hug trees, feed animals, pray, marry that special someone or don’t feel obliged to go down the aisle. Just #DoYoU

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