Monday, 7 March 2011

***Radio Shuffle***

It's that time of the year when radio gets a makeover. We've had to listen to horrible links all year round, while some of them couldn't even deliver a full sentence without stuttering. You’d think that six months into the job one would find their rhythm, not. We all have a number of dj’s we want off air, but I can only talk about radio stations I listen to. Obviously!!!
The following need to be sacked or given the graveyard slots:
It's been real but it's time Kenny Maistry throws in the towel. His links are tragic, it's like he goes to work unprepared. He even struggles to finish sentences. Mzanzi magic will deliver the life time achievement.
Leko serves the worst lunch, no wonder people are going elsewhere. Graveyard suits you just fine.
Anele, I have no words.
Euphonik, talking is not your forte. Just play the beats brother.

Bob Mabena should join Kenny Maistry.

Whackhead Simpson doesn’t have a radio voice but he does have an audience somewhere in the south, so I’m assuming he will keep the breakfast show.
Mo-flava can keep his morning slot too, just down it a bit on the big words. Your listeners are not that smart. Before I forget, your side kick wouldn’t be missed if he didn’t pitch up for work. Bleh!
As for Dj-Sbu, we like your music selection but once you start talking *change channel*. Your bragging, annoying accent changing and continuous showing off bores the hell out of us. Besides that, you’re a nice chap. I reckon they should keep you and your side-kick on the same time slot, if those small things can be changed. Kapish?
All the above jocks could learn a thing or two from the three to six maestros. Otherwise most of you are really good as side-kicks. I’m not hating or patronizing anyone who is a side-kick because a lot of those shows depend on you.
The likes of Amon, Rob Vember, dj Fresh, Bongi and Koula really deserve day time radio. Pure talent I say!
To those who don’t find radio interesting, buy some proper headphones for your cellular mobile or find a dj that you can relate to. The radio station will reward you by playing your favourite song every two hours.
So long!

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